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Crimson Guards of the Blue Jewel

Tensions have a habit of being high whenever our ship’s course dropped us right into empty space–no planets or anything warm and comforting for lightyears. If there was trouble there would not be help or rescue for any time soon. If we had to abandon ship there would be nowhere to go except into more black. Yet those facts are not what make the inhospitable black so nerveracking.

We are alone out here. (more…)

A Motif in the Pattern of Blaise Pascal, “Thoughts”


Unless there is an ultimate purpose life can be utilized to achieve, the only value one may ascribe to it will be arbitrary. Regrettably, the mind that resigns itself to the absence of true meaning will tend to forsake its nobler commitments in favor of sensual and idiocentric gratification. In this light, life becomes the pettiest affair imaginable. (more…)

The Future of Star Wars and the Expanded Universe: A Nerd’s Perspective.

Half an hour ago the official Star Wars website addressed the white elephant in the room: What so we do with the Expanded Universe? While Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy’s decision isn’t a surprising one, it’s sure to ruffle some feathers out there in the fanbase.

Let’s talk about this. (more…)

Salvation: Episode Nine “Ripper”

Like a storm playing out its song in the emptiness of the stilled mind, gunshots ring out. They call to whoever may hear and whisper tales of their origin, of their reason. A stilled mind would wonder upon the reason for each note trying to glimpse into the musician’s heart. An understanding to be reached.

Yet the undead care not for understanding the art of the gunshots. They care not for the message the shooter sends out. They care as much as a bug cares about the porch light. It is a beacon more complex than they could comprehend that simply calls them. Or maybe the undead deserve more credit than that. Maybe they know gunshots usually mean bodies.

Maybe they know it as a dinner bell.

The undead that dot the desert move towards the thunderclaps of chaos, the bloody confrontation of wolves and sheep. Whether they get there before or after the slaughter ends doesn’t matter as long as the actual dead still remain to be feasted upon. But if they get there before the slaughter, it shall only double in its bloodbath. (more…)

Gavin’s Youtube Coming to STL

As the video above decrees: I am going to start funneling my videos through the shell of a site that Snide has become as a way to help add to the content that this place needs to keep it breathing. I love the ideas we had in creating STL but life’s evil claws have pulled us away. Perhaps we have the courage, conviction, and attention span to make more of an impression this go-around.

The Truth about Monsters

As of lately it has become common for that I have a weekly or bi-weekly conversation of deeper intellect with Simon a fellow writer for Snide, mostly we confer our personal theologies.  Simon if you have yet to read any of his works is a devote Christian concretely grounded in his faith and I have yet am an explorer of religion and faith but currently you could call me an eclectic pagan.

However today the topic switched and it became clear that although Simon is a beyond intelligent he failed to know something as an adult male no as a fucking human being, it’s not his fault Simon like most of Americans students myself include he was robbed of a proper sex education. Beside teaching absences only education or the importance of absences till marriage, epically to pubescent teenagers fails time and time again because absences to teenagers is like getting keys to your dream car but told not to drive it or the fact that they exaggerate the failure rate of condoms .Never once throughout our sex education were we taught this most important of topics. We weren’t taught the statistics that 1 in 3 women will become a victim of sexual abuse, that yes 90% of raps happen to women but 10% happen to men, that it is not the shadow in the ally, the guy in club or the stranger on street that will likely rape you but instead chance are that it will be a friend, a family member, a teacher someone that you thought respected you as a human enough not to violate you.

The girls in my class were taught “safety” tips to prevent rape; like don’t leave drinks out in the open, consider how they dress, use the buddy system when clubbing  instead they should have been teaching us I don’t know how about DON’T FUCKING RAPE!!!  But once again the great American education system failed us by no properly describing what rape is really.  We were taught the basics you know like if a women clearly states “No” and that no means no.  We weren’t taught that a “Yes but a no or stop” throughout the event equals to a fucking no and that means fucking stop, that guilt tripping  into sex is indeed rape,  that a “no, no ,no, no and then a yes” is probably not really a yes. We weren’t taught the importance of discussing sex with your partner(s) and where are your boundaries. That buying your date an expensive meal is not a way to bypass the whole consent thing. That pleasure or arousal or even fucking climaxing is not consent.

They treated rape like wasn’t real like it only happens to people but not you; the truth is everyone can be rapped. It is never the victims’ survivor’s fault it’s the rapist fault always ALWAYS!!! By the time I realized that rape was real and can happen to you or me it was 2 ½ years too late. For I had blocked out the truth, that when I was 18 I was molested and rapped. The truth is I gave consent at first but I wanted to stop but he didn’t. I knew my attacker he wasn’t some faceless shadow in ally or stranger on the streets. This scene is all too real to too many fucking people.  Your school forgot to tell you that the monsters are real and chances are you know them already.

The No-Homo Olympics

During this year here in America has made great leaps towards equality for the LGBT community; however this cannot be said with every country in the world. Russia has never been known for its liberal ideas and believes, yet the western world was shocked by the Anti-LGBT Propaganda bill that flew through the Kremlin and was signed into law by President Putin.

The law makes any “propaganda” of LGBT community for minors against the law, “propaganda” meaning barely saying that there is nothing wrong with being gay. One who is gay or supports the rights of LGBT community can spend up to 14 days in jail. Why should we care though Russia is a cold ice block that has not been a threat to the US since the fall of the iron currant right? This would be the case if you can ignore the human rights violations, if the crackdown on LGBT community did not stop at the limits of freedom of speech, being gay is not yet against the laws once again in Russia but I doubt that will be so for long. The simple act of throwing a pride event/parade tends to end with the arrest of a few LGBT and many more being beaten by both the police and the public. The hate for our LGBT brothers and sisters in Russia has not stopped at beatings and arrests in the last few months it has escalated to the luring, outing, public and shamming. White supremacist groups lure young homosexual males by cursing social networking sites seeking same sex hook ups. Once they lure a victim out into public they make videos of their humiliations. At best the videos are public outings and at worst they are beatings and forced into sexual acts with toys or the opposite sex to correct them of their sexuality. Of course the Russian Police do nothing with trying to stop these public shamming because homosexuals do not deserve to be treated like humans.

Coming up in February of 2014 the eyes of the world will be turned to Russia, as Sochi Russia host the 2014 winter Olympic Games. The Russian government time and time again has said that they WILL NOT suspend the Anti-LGBT laws during the games. Well that can’t affect American athletes and tourist, right? Once again you would be wrong, tourist are subjected to this law as much as Russian citizens, Gwendoline Christie actress in HBO’s hit series “Game of Thrones” was just  arrested for holding a pride flag outside of St Petersburg Cathedral in Moscow’s Red Square. A few months ago I was shouting with many others in the LGBT community for national and international boycott, now however I do not thing a boycott would be effective nor helpful to the LGBT Russians. Across Russia and the World athletes have come out against with protest. I mean hey what is wrong with a friendly good job kiss between two of the same gender?

So instead of boycotting, we I mean as the world at least the Western world should make The 2014 Winter Olympics the gayest Olympics yet, you can use gayest as happy or homosexual both would be great. So besides male figure skating is already pretty gay?  No it could be a much better, tasteful and respectful as much as protesting a law that treats a group of people like trash can be. The simple act of the winners to just acknowledge their homosexual friends, family, teacher or peers, they could be as bold as give a good job kiss to their team mates as Kseniya Ryzhova and Tatyana Firov two Russian athletes embraced each other lips when accepting their medals. Any form of protest at the Olympics will end the horrible law nor make it any easier to be gay in Russia. This battle that the Russians LGBT and Allies will in the end have to won themselves but we can assist in the meantime the free world needs to help the LGBT Russians that want to be free to be able to love whomever the fuck they want, allow these Russians to grant asylum.