The Dark Knight Also Rises

We’re not known for our movie reviews here at Snide.


Honestly, we’re not known for any one thing in particular except for being writers. It should come as no surprise, then, that we as writers also happen to be die-hard movie buffs as well.

I have just returned from an 8-hour glut of cinema and nerdery provided by an IMAX marathon of all three Dark Knight films. During said assault on the senses I got to thinking about how I should describe the new film to people who ask me to describe it for them.

I have returned with hat in hand, a piece of paper laden with notes about the film shoved deep in my pocket, and a mind full of opinions just waiting to burst through this keyboard. Alas, it is late enough in the morning that I’ve returned home full on greasy fast food breakfast instead of dry fast food dinner, my mind needs a rest.

Rest assured, everyone out there (Possibly even the guy sitting to my left during the showing), I will return with an in-depth spoiler-free review. A review of a movie about hope, dedication, and the human condition.

Side note: Upon seeing Batman Begins in IMAX, I’ve come to the conclusion that Katie Holmes does not like bras.