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Gavin is the appointed smartass of STL. When not irritating Simon with “witty” quips or indulging in his perverse love of intentionally horrible puns, he works as a journalist on and runs the Henderson Community College school newspaper.

Simon is the deep-thinker of the group, mostly delving deep into examinations of his own beliefs and the beliefs of others whenever he’s not plotting to kill Gavin over the umpteenth “innocent” ginger joke.

Nathaniel is an award-winning comedic writer who just happened to be bored enough to be talked into joining STL. When not lamenting his life behind a liquor store counter he spends his time screaming at inanimate objects for no good reason.

Evan is the liberal of STL (no, he really is  liberal. If I, the almighty narrator of this website, were actually trying to insult someone, it would be way more offensive than that) who enjoys attending failed Occupy protests and making bitchin’ dips when he’s not writing.

Osman is the kind of guy that makes this narrator want to make a “Whitest Kids U Know’ joke, but can’t figure out how to make it AND keep a friendship. Oz is a flash animator and funny video connoisseur, when he’s not divulging his self-depreciating personality he’s making some people laugh and trying to confuse the living hell out of others.

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  1. deathwallker

    This site was cleaner and more interesting before. The new style is boring and hurts the eyes to read. I was telling Cody about my opinion, but he is being an ass and won’t take my opinion seriously. I’m just saying that this site might be a little better with a different colour scheme.