Veracious Verbosity

Simon Chevalier is one of the two founding members of Snide Tempered Logic, the name itself composed by him when Gavin suddenly shouted the words “If you want to make a website then give me a blog name right now” out of the blue in a social messenger’s IM. A fan of old-world thinkers and authors such as J.R.R Tolkein and C.S Lewis, his articles are dubbed Veracious Verbosity because of said love for old english authors. We love him, but he loves words more. His rants on faith and philosophy display this in particular… and sometimes I even don’t know what the hell he’s saying… be warned all ye of little literacy.

The Backstage Controversy 

Discovery of the Savage Truths

The Fallacy of Naturalistic Cognition

The Wisdom of Obedience

Thought: Truncated becoming Total

The Consummation of a Life

The Headlong Rush- Part 1 

Several Brief, but Essential Postulations

A Meditation on The Lord’s Supper

*Call him Edmund, as Editor-in-Chief I think his middle name is too interesting to lie unused.- Gavin