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Drunken Fridge Rants

Nearly six months have passed since our initial exchange.  The dust has settled.  The tides have shifted, the very planets have elongated their elliptical orbits, and as the world waits with baited breath, I still find myself at a loss for anything even remotely poetic to start with.  Perhaps it’s fitting to leave the more scrupulous semantics to Mr. Chevalier since it is his sentiments conveyed in The Backstage Controversy which I’ve come here to debate, today.  In deciding a direction with my own response, I was left with a bit of assumptive measures needing to be taken, as it was difficult to distinguish the intentions of the targeted thesis.  After much deliberation, it seems Simon proposes the teaching of evolution as fact within our school systems is an extreme disservice to our young people because of a number of questionable issues which challenge the legitimacy of the concept as a whole.  To clarify, for Chevalier, it seems not just the misconceptions or inaccuracies of evolutionary evidence past, which detract from proper evolutionary teaching, but rather evolutionary teaching which gets in the way of reality.  I’m am here to not only suggest that evolutionists have more than answered these alleged controversies which Backstage so eloquently brings to the table, but also that the issue, even for distinguished theologians, has evolved beyond a debate between evolution as theory or as fact, to its current construct: rationalizing a compatible God in an evolutionary existence.


The Caveless Cavemen: A Return to Their Roots

There has always been a—as some would say “sick”—drive for violence that was born long ago in the era of fire and sticks and stones. During that period before recorded time we can speculate that violence was a good thing since it was merely a tool to survive. Yet after years of suppression and the development of our modern day morals we seem surprised that bits of the “old us” still linger in our minds. But instead of actual violence, the new morally set humanity has found a new outlet: Hollywood. (more…)