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The Zoo Society

Edward Albee’s The Zoo Story is about society fighting with itself. The two characters take on a personification of two different sides of society. While Peter, for the most part personifies society itself, Jerry offers an introspection of society through an outsider’s perception. Of course Jerry is biased in this way and may not allow the best introspection but that is his goal in forcing Peter to see himself in a different light. (more…)

Spirit of the Machine: a reply to “Essential Postulations”

When faced with supernatural theories of existence there isn’t much input I can put in. Especially one as rooted in such philosophical driven ideals as Simon’s “Essential Postulations.” But his “Creature and Spirit” point got me thinking a bit about the constant battle between brain and spirit, so I jotted down some of it. Hopefully it doesn’t veer too off topic.


The Caveless Cavemen: A Return to Their Roots

There has always been a—as some would say “sick”—drive for violence that was born long ago in the era of fire and sticks and stones. During that period before recorded time we can speculate that violence was a good thing since it was merely a tool to survive. Yet after years of suppression and the development of our modern day morals we seem surprised that bits of the “old us” still linger in our minds. But instead of actual violence, the new morally set humanity has found a new outlet: Hollywood. (more…)

Crusades Between Fate and Choice

Nature verses Nurture is a much debated topic because of its importance on how we view ourselves and how we handle ourselves, but the two contrasting sides may have a middle ground where both can coexist and strengthen the theory rather than fighting and tearing it apart. Standing parallel but against each other, these two ideas are so set in their place they are like stone colossi with their very shadows pressing down on the tiny people below with such weight you can feel their importance in the air. These titans carry the names Nature and Nurture, and they rule over not just the realms of psychology but the subjects it studies. Many soldiers fight in their names standing under the banners of fate or free will, but at the battleground where these equally massive armies meet there can exist a truce. (more…)