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Crimson Guards of the Blue Jewel

Tensions have a habit of being high whenever our ship’s course dropped us right into empty space–no planets or anything warm and comforting for lightyears. If there was trouble there would not be help or rescue for any time soon. If we had to abandon ship there would be nowhere to go except into more black. Yet those facts are not what make the inhospitable black so nerveracking.

We are alone out here. (more…)

Of Titans and Men

The hollow hunk of metal drifted through rocks that dwarfed it in size. Occasionally the smaller rocks bounced across the hull with low or high pitched pings depending upon the size. From within the ship the crew couldn’t see the massive mountain-like asteroids they passed between. They still knew they were there though. Like titans peering down upon them with eyes full of judgement. (more…)

Conversations with D: The Beginning

What you are about to read is the beginnings of a story I’ve been tinkering with for a while. An older version of this was hosted here during the summer of 2012 but I pulled it down due to the constant tinkering I’ve been doing to it. Even now as I post this I have an alternate draft in first person that I’m considering using.”

Anyway: here is the beginnings of what will eventually be a novel/novella length story. Hope you enjoy!

The Forbidden Magic of a Savior

The royal guards moved the old and dying man into my lab by a stretcher. Gripped in the man’s feeble hand was a golden crown that shined wondrous reflections from the torch light. Only touches lighted the chamber. It was day time but there were no windows in the lower regions of the castle to let the sun in.

I directed the guards to put the man on one of my surgeon tables. “What happened?”

“He was just eating and drinking like everyone else.” Jacob: the king’s personal guard, adviser, and friend informed me. “Then he fell over into his meal, in front of all his guests, his daughter’s suitor, and their family.”

“Poison.” another guard whispered. (more…)

The Leather Knight and the Undead

The street was wet from an old storm. The rays of light the sun offered this dark world peaked around tall skyscrapers and touched the wet ground, giving it a strange shine. The tall skyscrapers, with help from the sun, gave birth to even longer shadows. Within the shadows the dead waited in a state similar to sleep but not. In a way they aren’t awake either, or ever.

The girl crossing the dead city’s street took advantage of their lack of alertness. If they saw her or if she made a noise a little too loud, they would be upon her. When the dead attack they swarm like a wave of bodies: torrents of rotting, dying flesh. (more…)