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Salvation: Episode Nine “Ripper”

Like a storm playing out its song in the emptiness of the stilled mind, gunshots ring out. They call to whoever may hear and whisper tales of their origin, of their reason. A stilled mind would wonder upon the reason for each note trying to glimpse into the musician’s heart. An understanding to be reached.

Yet the undead care not for understanding the art of the gunshots. They care not for the message the shooter sends out. They care as much as a bug cares about the porch light. It is a beacon more complex than they could comprehend that simply calls them. Or maybe the undead deserve more credit than that. Maybe they know gunshots usually mean bodies.

Maybe they know it as a dinner bell.

The undead that dot the desert move towards the thunderclaps of chaos, the bloody confrontation of wolves and sheep. Whether they get there before or after the slaughter ends doesn’t matter as long as the actual dead still remain to be feasted upon. But if they get there before the slaughter, it shall only double in its bloodbath. (more…)

Salvation: Episode Four “The Needs of a Dying World”

Beth held Sam close, comforting both him and herself. The blood from her wounds soaked through their bandaging and onto Sam. She didn’t notice, and neither did he. Slowly his recovering black eye opened to look upon her lightly blood streaked face. There was still comfort to be found in her face, there was still a warmth. Once that warmth was probably kindness or the innocence of youth, back when she wasn’t twenty-three and a zombie survivalist. Yet now it was the warmth of a passion for survival and defense. That defense was the defense of this boy.

The determination in her eyes gave her a motherly charm. Sam stared up at her as her face washed away his worries and brought him home. Home to him wasn’t a place, but a feeling: vague, almost indescribable, but warm. He looked into her eyes for a few moments longer then asked “What happened?”

“We are leaving. It wasn’t a safe place.” (more…)

Salvation: Episode Three “The Sins Left Behind”

Frank rode in the backseat of the jeep next to Larry and Sam. His smashed dirt-bike was left at the gas station where he had sacrificed it to save the four survivors. He looked out at the passing desert with a face so calm and still it took on a stoic quality.

“I can get a new one, if I need to. There are many things left behind in Vegas. Along with hope and dreams and the collective sins of the world, I’m sure someone left a bike around too.” (more…)

Salvation: Episode Two “Casual Encounters”

The four survivors carried on their journey with their recovered jeep as far as it could go with as few stops as possible. It headed westward towards the source of the beacon following the coordinates it transmitted over the radio. The heat pressed down on them harder as they continued into desert territory.

But the jeep, like the survivors, grew tired as its stomach emptied. The little needle inched closer to the dreadful “E” on the gauge with every mile. It became evident to James they will have to stop soon yet they are nowhere near their prized Salvation and nowhere near safe. Any stop they make is a stop in zombie country.   (more…)

Salvation: Episode One “Damn Zombies”

“Damn zombies,” the thug mouthed out from clenched teeth as he yanked and pulled and struggled to remove his crowbar from the unfortunate damned zombie. “With all the decaying and rotting, I figured these things would be more fragile, gooey even. Like a piece of bread left out in the rain, with birds nibbling away chunks of it. Yet these damn things’ heads are still thick enough to snag my crowbar.”

“I’m not exactly sure these things are zombies,” proposed the second smaller thug. “They seem too fast and too ‘not dead.’ They’re just some crazy, hungry bastards.” (more…)

The Leather Knight and the Undead

The street was wet from an old storm. The rays of light the sun offered this dark world peaked around tall skyscrapers and touched the wet ground, giving it a strange shine. The tall skyscrapers, with help from the sun, gave birth to even longer shadows. Within the shadows the dead waited in a state similar to sleep but not. In a way they aren’t awake either, or ever.

The girl crossing the dead city’s street took advantage of their lack of alertness. If they saw her or if she made a noise a little too loud, they would be upon her. When the dead attack they swarm like a wave of bodies: torrents of rotting, dying flesh. (more…)